Laos Travel Information – Tips, advice, and info on travel in Laos

Laos is officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, a hidden gem of Southeast Asia. Laos shares borders with Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the southwest, Thailand to the west, and Myanmar and China to the north. Laos is not a popular tourist destination just like is neighboring countries but there is more to uncover when you visit this prominent country.



Vientiane the capital of Laos boasts of some ancient national treasures and homes most of the country national monuments. Are you weary of the always buzzing street of Vietnam and the noisy city of Bangkok? Laos Travel will slow up everything for you, grant you a thrilling experience and give you the best holiday than you ever expected.

How to get to Laos

There are three international airports in Laos, Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse. There are currently no direct flights for Laos travel from outside of Asia; with most European, Australian and North American flights getting involve in a change of planes before getting to Laos. Depending on where you are traveling from, you might get involved in the change of plane two to three times before arrival. Landlocked Laos is easily accessed from most of its neighboring countries, either overland or by flying. I will advise you travel by land, is much better than flying; as you get seeing the most path of the countryside.

Best time to travel to Laos

The country welcomes most tourists during the dry season from November to March, which has moderate rainfall and temperatures as low as 15°C. From May to October welcomes the slightly cooler wet season, temperatures are around 30°C. March to May is the hot season with temperatures as high as 40°C.


Laos has a substantial number of hotels that obtain exceptional services and are very comfortable to stay in. There are hotels ranging from luxurious hotels to low-budget hotels. You can check online for the best hotel prices to choose from and book in advance of your visit.

How to get around:

Getting around Laos can be either be done by boats, bus or planes. Flying is a more straightforward way to get around Laos but there is no much fun in that. Traveling around the city in Bus and Boats will host a much trilling experience as this will give you the chance to get involved with the countries friendly and always smiling locals. You can always have a brief stop when you find something interesting or exciting to get involved in.

Why you should visit Laos

Get involved in Laos Travel to uncover the two jewels World Heritage Sites in this ancient city. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Laos; they are both cultural sites.
Town of Luang Prabang: most charming and well-preserved towns in Southeast Asia, Luang Prabang homes 34 Buddhist temples, as well as other Chinese and colonial architectural structures. Buddha also rested in this town at the time of his travel.
Wat Phou Complex: there are several ancient archeological and nature sites nearby that will take some time to explore. The landscape itself is over 1,000 years old and is worth exploring with no doubt.

Outdoor activities in Laos

A mountainous and landlocked country, Laos is an ideal destination for hiking and exploring a wide range of thick jungles; and more exciting because it is not always crowded like other Asian tourist destinations. Laos Travel can be more exciting and adventurous because of its laid-back lifestyle and rich undiluted culture. Other things to do on your Laos Travel include kayaking in the Mekong between Luang Prabang and Vientiane, rock and mountain climbing, tubing and trekking.

Culture and Custom:

Laos retains many of the traditions that have disappeared to development elsewhere in other regions. Theravada Buddhism has a dominant influence on Lao culture, portraying a substantial role in language, the temple and in art, literature down to their performing arts. Polygamy is a crime in Laos, though the penalty is minor; Laos Travel will enlighten you more on this. Sinh is a traditional clothing worn by Laotian women in daily life.